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What Does Your Image Say About You?

Here’s the deal! People not only remember what you say and how you make them feel, but they remember how you look too.

Your image is your brand. You are your brand and your brand is you. No matter what you do in life, your image matters.

We often speak of businesses having images. Well they do, but so do you.

Personal image has been known to disqualify you from a job or a promotion and even the type of opportunities you are presented with. For example, Beyonce has been very good at building a personal and profitable image. People buy her clothes, her music, her books and spend hundreds to attend her concert just to get that experience. She’s even got a fan club called the Beyhive. Beyonce and other notable musicians and entertainers have taken image to heart and started to use it to uplevel their personal and professional lives. You too have the same opportunity.

Don’t fear being different. Fear being the same.

In business, an image is why people buy or not and even refer. People like to be associated with an image. It makes them feel notable, established and having a sense of arriving at a certain level. For instance, name brand merchandise is attributed to a certain financial clout, i.e., Range Rover, Michael Kors. These brands have a targeted market that keeps their image alive.

Why is it important to have a personal image?

1. It validates who you are.

2. It denotes how you feel about yourself.

3. It gives clarity as to what you value in your life.

Check out 4 more reasons here.

A good, personal and business, image can take you far in life. Working on your image daily can open many doors and provide tons opportunity.

When opportunity knocks, if someone likes and relates to your image, they will more than likely connect with you to learn more.

Everyday you should be evaluating your image in regards to your goals. If there is no alignment, perhaps readjusting, shifting or changing your image is always an option. This message right here resignates the truth.

What image do you portray? How has your image advanced or taken away from you? If you’ve never thought about it, now is the perfect time to access. It’s never too late to recreate what you do to do it better.

I’m Nichelle, your Life Transition and Business Strategist. I help you identify your weaknesses, maximize your strengths, find opportunities and devour your threats in your life and business. Learn more about me and what I do to help you at The Start Up CEO.

Interested in learning more personal and business tips filled with inspiration and motivation? Check out The People Connect Podcast.

Live in your image and let your image live in you.
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