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The Life of a Hands on Momma

  1. You get to experience #EVERYTHING.

  2. You learn and see things that make you cringe!!

  3. You understand the life you build is bigger than your own.

  4. You love them more than you love yourself.

  5. You are afraid of them making mistakes, but you acknowledge it’s the only way for them to grow.

  6. You want them to stay young forever!

  7. You seek solutions in them through your failures.

  8. You live to see them happy, successful and faithful.

  9. You pray you have done everything right from day one.

  10. You do whatever it takes to make things happen for them.

  11. You remain a parent, yet you develop a relationship that helps them feel comfortable discussing everything with you.

  12. You feel grateful, blessed and highly favored when what you taught them is exemplified in their behavior outside the home and others recognize it.

  13. You depend on Jesus when you fear releasing them into a world that doesn’t understand them like you do.

  14. You stay on your knees because it gives you peace.

  15. You love and long hearing their voices and the word, “momma or mommy.”

  16. You work hard so they will #NEVER be without.

  17. You want to be their biggest and greatest confidant.

  18. You miss them when they are gone, but yet you are excited to get some time to yourself.

  19. You want to make certain that their choice in a girl does not change who they are.

  20. You predict their success through the words, lessons and values you place in them.

  21. You love them with all your heart and then some.

  22. When they call, you stop doing whatever you’re doing and tend to their needs.

  23. You realize that in everything you have received, they are your greatest gifts.

  24. You keep hearing voices of your parents telling you, “Wait until you have kids. They are going to treat you just like you treat me.”

  25. You want to be their hero, their role model and who they remember and treasure when you are gone.

Every day hasn’t been easy, but I am constantly reading the manual to perfect my craft. Thank you God for being my friend and my source of strength through every step of the way.

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