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STOP Living on Auto Pilot: How to get your life back now!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

It’s 6am and the alarm clock goes off. You hit the snooze button not once, but twice, maybe 3 times. It’s back to the daily grind and routine. Back to work you go!

The old saying "life is short" is the truth! But I also believe life gets shorter if you're not living. Living happily and confidently became much harder for many during and after COVID. Life before COVID had so many people living life with no interruptions. We were literally walking around like zombies being controlled by situations, circumstances and an alarm clock called the responsibility of life. Whether it’s work or living in this chaotic world, control was and is a big deal when it comes to having time to live life like you dream about it. You can’t take a vacation without worrying about how many days you have left.

Stop wishing & start doing.

During and after COVID (it's still lurking around), people are finding themselves waking up to what was a nightmare and repeatedly finding themselves doing the same routine day after day, never remembering what they did the day before, having nothing to look forward to and just simply living life - but never enjoying it or anything in it. If this sounds like you, you are probably living your life and the relationships on autopilot and don't even realize it.

Be intentional and live on purpose.

The really devastating part about living life on autopilot, especially when it comes to your relationships, is that you don't even know that you're doing it half the time because the norm has become routine. There’s no escape to a wonderful place. You're just living your life, wishing for more, but not really sure if there is more or how to get it. While many people live out their entire lives on autopilot (which is truly sad), the way to have rewarding and successful lives & relationships is to be totally aware and adaptable when it comes to your state of mind and situation. So, how do you do that?

Live your life with sass, spice and flare.

Here’s a few simple steps to reverse living on autopilot.

1. Stop and pick the roses and then savor the smell (literally:). Take time to notice all the little things around you. Do you truly appreciate it or them. When you were younger, is this the type of life you imagined? If the answer is no, get off auto pilot. Enjoy playtime. Enjoy family. Enjoy things that are important to you that you would miss if you didn't have it anymore. Smell the roses, give roses and buy some for yourself if need be.

2. Revisit your short and long-term goals. Do you still have those? And if so - have you forgotten them? Goals keep us in line with what we dreamed about as a kid. Goals also keep us accountable. Re-write that goal list and start working on or improving accomplishing your next short-term goals. What do you want to do? How do you see yourself in 3, 5 and 10 years? Visualize it and commit to achieving it. Prayerfully not in the same state of steady and complacent behavior that led you to being on auto pilot.

3. Remember those who love you. When was the last time you did something new with him/her, with your kids, with your parents? When was the last time you even wanted to? Has time and being overly committed to other things got in the way? Start thinking about your relationship and stop just "being in it". True love is hard to find. Time is not promised and you certainly can’t get it back. Make certain to make who and what' important to you a top priority. While remembering those who love you, don't forget those you love back. Call your family and go spend time with them today.

4. Check your balance and redeposit your joy. Keep your happiness in the positive (green). If you are living on autopilot, chances are you are off track with everything that gave you a sense of peace and earthly being. You are either too stressed. Too overly complicated. Too boring. Or you have surrendered your life to the "daily routine" of life. Take a day this week and really think about your life and how you found yourself in that “auto pilot@ place. Your relationship. How can you shake and spice things up? How can you get back in the grove of balance and love with your life again? It’s time for an audit. Reevaluate, reconstruct and dial into deprogramming now.

5. Plan a getaway and reconnect with you. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the problem in order to realize it is a problem. Do something to make you feel good and/or with someone you love. Getting away from what is normal and consistent can be a life changer for happiness.

Too many wait too late and regret the decision of negotiating with life. Life is meant to be enjoyed even with responsibilities. Don’t let another day go by without being accountable to your happiness, peace and joy. Step out and get your life together. You deserve to live your best life on purpose.

If you find life too challenging and need one on one assistance with strategizing and implementing, get the 90 day planner to put priorities in perspective. This planner will help you gather your thoughts in writing so that you can implement them in action. Then let's schedule a call to get started living your best life. I can help keep you accountable, challenged and walking in the direction of your desires. I’m Nichelle, your life and business consultant.

Until we meet again, blessings and peace.



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