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September Blessings ~ Treat Yourself


I bought myself some flowers today. Yes.. I have plenty of people to buy me flowers.

But I’m buying them for myself to congratulate me and show myself some appreciation for being one of my biggest projects that I consistently work on to improve. Can’t NOBODY beat me being me. God made us different for a reason. #MySelfLoveTestimony

When you work to better YOU, there is less competition and frustration. You are your greatest asset and liability.

I chose to be an asset to myself by investing in things that make me better and more improved and yes.. HAPPY! I am so enjoying this assignment.

Today.. flowers made me happy. The fresh smell made me sneeze. The color, yellow, made me appreciate the sunshine in my life. ☀️

Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

I AFFIRM.. September will be a month of bliss, joy, abundance, blessings and confirmations. God is a great God yes He is.

Thanks for joining me in this journey. Check out my YouTubechannel for more Lifestyle content.

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