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Money Making Ideas to Thrive after 50

As you get older, keeping money becomes a priority and living debt free becomes the new freedom. At this point in my life, my priority is to live life on my terms. Making extra money will give you options. Especially if you are retiring soon and possibly need additional income or you are just seeking to be in charge of your future by starting your own business.

Making money over 50 can involve a combination of many things like leveraging your experience, skills, and resources. It can be challenging to start over. Especially if you are starting without consistent income. Nevertheless, don't stress about it. This is a new opportunity for you to learn new skills and integrate some old ones.

Don't be afraid to try something different. The best time to try is when you are employed. Get your feet wet and test the waters. You won't regret what you didn't try. Listed below are various ways to make money in your 50s and beyond.

Continue Working: If you're still in the workforce, continue in your current job or explore opportunities for advancement or higher-paying roles. For me this will be the last resort, but for some, it may be a safer option. After all, starting over can be intimidating for many.

Start a Second Career: Consider starting a new career in a field that aligns with your interests and expertise. Your skills are priceless. Stop underestimating what you bring to the table. Charge for what you are experienced in.

Freelancing or Consulting: Offer your skills and knowledge as a freelancer or consultant in your area of expertise. This is where you get to put a dollar sign where it counts. Your true value is worth it.

Entrepreneurship: Start your own business based on your passions and/or skills. COVID taught us that opportunities to be our own bosses is more possible than ever. We had to get creative in making that extra money.

Teaching or Tutoring: Share your expertise by becoming a teacher, instructor, or tutor. Education will never go out of style. And even though you can open up Google and learn enough to graduate, Google will only teach you so much. The Google classroom can get lonely. Being around others who do what you are interested in doing is a gold mine.

Online Courses or Webinars: Create and sell online courses or webinars based on your knowledge and experience. This activity is putting knowledge into a package that will create passive and continuous income. People will always smack the buy button with interest in learning more.

Investing: Invest in stocks, real estate, or other assets to grow your wealth over time. The key to wealth is diversification. Don't put all your eggs into one pot. Try it! Perfect it! Profit from it!

Rental Properties: Invest in rental properties to generate passive income from rental payments. Now this is my sweet spot. People will always need a place to call home.

Selling Products Online: Start an e-commerce business and sell products online. If you make crafts or have other tangible products, selling online can be a winner in many ways. Whether it's your product or someone else's, there's money to be made and people are restoring buy.

Content Creation: If you have a talent for writing, creating videos, or other content, you can monetize it through platforms like YouTube, Facebook , TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, blogging, etc. Your creativity can lead to income. With digital marketing and the practice of just showing up, content is cash and many are becoming millionaires overnight.

Coaching or Mentoring: Offer coaching or mentoring services based on your expertise. We all need a coach because none of us have mastered it all. There will always be someone better or more skilled. Don't hesitate to be better by taking a class or hiring a coach. You will thank me later.

Part-Time Jobs or Gig Economy: Take up part-time jobs or participate in the gig economy to earn extra income. Places like Amazon, Lift, DoorDash and others have made earning extra income on our time possible. I honestly would rather work when I want vs someone telling me when I had to. Back in the day, I had several extra jobs that required me to be present to work. Remote work is a game changer.

Retirement Benefits and Pensions: Maximize your retirement benefits and pensions to ensure a stable income during your retirement years.

Monetize Hobbies: If you have hobbies or skills, find ways to monetize them, such as selling crafts or offering workshops.

Real Estate Agent: Work as a real estate agent, helping others buy, sell, or rent properties.

Remember that making money at any age requires adaptability, continuous learning, and a willingness to explore new opportunities. Evaluate your strengths, interests, and financial goals to determine the best approach for making money over 50. Additionally, seek financial advice and plan for your long-term financial security, including retirement planning and investment strategies.


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