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Live in the Purpose of your Prosperity and Abundance

Prosperity is right. Amen. We prosper to prosper others. We prosper to prosper God’s kingdom, so come believing. Joseph Prince

Knowing how to attract prosperity can be a challenging aspect. Having the insight and the ability to “know” you’re prosperous – even when you don’t yet feel like you are can.

When your outer circumstances keep reflecting the illusion of lack or no progression, it’s easy to get frustrated because you think your attraction attempts aren’t working. However, that very frustration is what will keep you locked into the cycle of lack!

In order to break out of the illusion of lack, you have to use the power of your intuitive perspective to diminish the energy you have invested in it previously. How do you invest energy into the creation of lack? When you consistently dwell on what’s not, you will eventually fall into that mindset. In retrospect, there are many ways that may not come to mind that you never think of.

– By constantly thinking about it and focusing on it.

– By constantly affirming that it exists in your life. Be affirmative in your desires and not on your current situation.

-By complaining about it to others, you will eventually learn that people really don’t care about your problems and no one wants to be around a complainer. Negative people are draining and purpose destroying.

– By identifying with the lack you see in the world around you, you can connect with needs that you can possibly fulfill. Lack is everywhere and to focus on it makes it more prevalent than it may actually be.

The more energy and attention you give to the existence of lack, the more lack you attract back to yourself. Focus and concentrate on the good.

The good news is that you can also use this same process to attract prosperity and abundance into your life instead of focusing in on the far end of the spectrum!

– Constantly think about and focus on prosperity and abundance. However, be certain to NOT from a place of need, fear or anxiety – but from a sovereign place of joy, confidence and optimism that it is already yours. The mind achieves what it believes and its focus become its direction.

– Make it a daily practice to constantly affirm that you are a natural prosperity magnet and great abundance flows into your life easily and frequently.

– Don’t be shy or selfish. Share the wonderful things that happen to you with others. Rather than complaining about the bad stuff, share the good stuff and encourage the people in your life to do the same. It’s about attraction!

– Pay close attention to the great abundance that surrounds you at all times. In essence, you don’t have to look too far. Most often we miss it and it stares us in the face. This includes the material possessions, people and blessings you currently have in your life, but also the expressions of abundance you encounter while out in the world. Yes… it does exist! Rather than feeling envious of rich and successful people, imagine that the universe has just held up a mirror to let you know that YOU can also be just as rich and successful.

Most importantly, develop the inner “knowing” that you can CHOOSE abundance and prosperity, just as easily as you chose lack and struggle.

You may not believe that you’ve chosen lack and struggle (who in their right minds would?) – but it’s very possible to choose by innocent default. Unless you consciously choose to be prosperous, it’s like sitting in the back seat of your car and expecting it to deliver you to your desired destination which will eventually get you no where. Take action and choose to live differently.

Try reciting this affirmation several times a day:

“I KNOW I am a powerful creator in my own right and I CHOOSE the harmonious flow of prosperity and abundance to flow NOW.”

When you first start saying it, you’ll probably feel like you’re lying. That’s because deep down inside, you really don’t “know” it can happen for you. But keep at it. Keep saying the affirmation with strength and power and conviction in your voice, and you really will start to believe it.

And that’s when everything in your outer circumstances will begin to shift toward the prosperity and abundance you “know” you deserve and yes… entitled to receive.

I am Nichelle Womack. As a people building, life transition strategist, I specialize in helping you reach your greatest potential through self-reliance and internal motivation. I provide inspiration through community speaking engagements, one on one consultation and group/team training. Positive thoughts and language are my fuel for energy and my desire to help you find yours. If you are interested in a free 15 minute session of coaching, contact me @ Looking for more great life tips, check out “The Master Tip Manual for Personal Success” @ . Many blessings and much success to you!! Check out my websites @ and Connect with me on Twitter @DiverseConnect.

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