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How to FOCUS Forward on Purpose

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Focus is necessary‼️ It’s the silent hopes and dreams that stay dormant and never get discovered because FOCUS was not a participant in the process. If you focus on what you need and how to get it, life will deliver many more packages worth opening and enjoying.

Focus can be difficult. Especially with distractions, misinformation and not knowing what to focus on.

Without focus you become distracted by unnecessary situations that purposely aim to keep you off track.

Every year around this time, I begin to reflect, collect, dispose and expose what my intentions are for the next season of my life.

I expect FOCUS to give me what I missed and uncover what does and does not belong.

5 Ways to Practice the Power of Focus

  1. Find a quiet place to reconnect with your desires. Make this a priority on a regular basis.

  2. Distance yourself from distractions and procrastination. Both are limiting factors to success.

  3. Change your diet. Eat foods like blueberries that encourage brain memory and stimulation. Food has a lot to do with what type of mood you find yourself in.

  4. Take a weekend getaway somewhere that's inspiring and relaxing. Sometimes you have to get away in order to find your way.

  5. Seek prayer and counseling/coaching. All will give you specific clarity and pinpointed direction towards your destiny.

✨ You need to make FOCUS a priority. It’s the 🔑 to unlock the storage with all your hidden potential.

If you need one on one lifestyle or business coaching, let's talk here.

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