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Don’t be Afraid of Change…. Embody it!

Have you ever wondered when change is getting ready to happen why people freak out? For some, they become irrational and for others they look at it as an opportunity. Change can be scary and most people are content with being safe versus risky. It is in the risk that we really find out who we are and what we are made of. Your strength is put to the test!! Even though what’s on the other side of change can be uncertain, we should embrace the change with the attitude of things happen for a reason. The reason is to get you out of your comfort zone and to help prepare you for a greater assignment. Don’t be afraid of change, but accept it with a heart of thanksgiving. Find your purpose, work at it and create a better you.

I am Nichelle Womack. As a people building, life transition strategist, I specialize in helping you reach your greatest potential through self-reliance and internal motivation. I provide inspiration through community speaking engagements, one on one consultation and group/team training. Positive thoughts and language are my fuel for energy and my desire to help you find yours. If you are interested in a free 15 minute session of coaching, contact me @ Looking for more great life tips, check out “The Master Tip Manual for Personal Success” @ . Many blessings and much success to you!! Check out my websites @ and Connect with me on Twitter and Periscope @DiverseConnect.

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