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Dreams Do Come True if You Believe

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

I love when I meet success. On our connection flight from D.C. to STL, I noticed the windows on the cockpit of our plane was covered with a tarp. Found that to be kind of odd.

Once in flight, the cockpit door opens and I see this young man. I was like WOW that’s wassup! Upon landing and deplaning, I go to thank the pilot for getting us to our destination. He was kind and humble. I was overjoyed and excited.

Not only was he a pleasure to meet, I was shocked to learn how old he was and even more excited to celebrate him and his success.

This was one of the smoothest plane rides in a 30 passenger jet I've ever had. From departure to landing, this young man was in control. Not to mention, his one person flight crew Ms. Angela was a boss too. She also happened to be beautiful in her brown skin.

With all that said, meet 33 year old Mr. Roland McKay from New York. He was the pilot spearheading us to St. Louis doing it solo in the Captain's seat.

Roland's dream as a child was to always be a pilot and he never let anyone destroy his dreams. He's living his dream and loving every minute of it. Kudos to him. Roland is a testimony of how far a dream will take you if you believe.

Check out this out for confirmation.

You can be and do whatever you set your mind to. 💯💯 #blackexcellence Just remember dreams are meant to come true if you believe.

Sincerely with love,


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