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5 Reasons Why Puppies are Similar to Babies


1. They need love too. From day one, they expect you to give them tender loving, nurturing care. If done with sincerity and love, you will create a bond that will last throughout the years. As an adult, you will have developed a best friend, your greatest protector or your biggest problem if not given the proper attention and stable structure for growth and development. 2. They didn’t ask to be here. It was the decision of an adult no matter how conceived in wedlock or out of it. The mother and/or father made that decision. Why punish the puppy for the parents choices? Make it work and learn how to become acquainted. I keep telling myself this one over and over again… 3. They need to be potty trained. This is a marathon with kids and a transition with puppies. They have a mind of their own. Trying to adjust to an adults schedule and guidance is an adjustment. That’s why patience is a virtue and you must exhibit it so that they become confident in the process. 4. They require attention. Neglect them and it’s the beginning of destruction. They will do something you dislike or tear up something you treasure. You will pay at some point in their lives. Ignoring them will entice them to be disobedient. Acknowledging their existence will cause them to love you forever. Which may result in them growing up to be your best friend because you were attentive and gave them the love they deserved. 5. They get just as many oooos and ahhhs.. When out in public, people want to pet them just like people want to hold a baby. Often times, the puppies fear or trust of the other is met with a growl or a tail wagging just like a cry or a smile for a baby, their emotions are felt.

Zeus has made our family happy. Especially with the loss of our other four legged friend several years ago. I’m starting to get used to his presence and his company. I think he’s a keeper!!

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