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5 Clarifying Signs That You Are Meant to Be an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur has the passion for running their own business or making their own income without relying on an employer. It's about taking your passions and generating products that not only provide you a livable income but value to your community and industry.

Here are the five signs you are meant to be an entrepreneur:

You Are More Comfortable on Your Own and Rarely Seek Guidance

Most business, especially when you first start out, is lonely and requires you to do most of the work. Not only that, it takes a lot of work which means spending time with friends and loved ones may be more difficult. Most people will not be as passionate as you are either, which is okay.

You Value Freedom, Flexibility and Own Your Time

Being an entrepreneur enables you to create your own schedule. However, this is only possible if you create the income streams conducive to that lifestyle. For example, if you want to be a career coach, you will likely need to be available after regular working hours, as many of your ideal clients will normally be working nine to five business hours.

You Are Confident and Creative in Everything You do

Being a business owner takes passion for your ideas, skills, and value to others. In addition, it takes confidence in knowing you have the skills and knowledge to achieve your goals and provide value to your target audience.

You Don't Like Following Orders, but You Don't Mind Giving Them

No matter your role, being an employee requires following orders. It requires working when and where your boss tells you to. For many, this can mean working during the weekend or working overtime during the week and following any demands the boss asks in order to not be fired from the job. Following orders doesn't always have to be a negative thing as this can be structured to many people's lives. However, if you are the type to push away or come up with better ideas often, then it's probably time for you to take the entrepreneurial leap and work for yourself instead.

You Enjoy Taking Risks and Have Less Fear

Most business ideas, even the best ones, are risky. Becoming an entrepreneur means you are willing to step into a world that relies only on yourself and no other person. If taking risks gives you energy and makes you want to do the work, you are a natural-born business owner.

These are the common signs that you are meant to be an entrepreneur and stop being an employee. If you recognize these signs, it is crucial to acknowledge that you won't find the life you are looking for without finally taking the leap to entrepreneurship. These signs prove you thrive on the independence and creativity entrepreneurship can bring.

If you resonate with these tips and have not leaped into entrepreneurship, you are missing your calling. Now is the perfect time to follow your goals and your heart. If you need one on one assistance with getting started, I am here to help you jump. Let's chat

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